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Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
moncada nos tiene el informe.. blanca ---ahora al pronostico del tiempo.. cesar ---ahora con irene sanz adelante .. take pkg blanca ---nueva pausa, pero en breve... take vo ---un hombre se mete a una tienda con todo y camioneta.. take sot segment ends cesar ---vamos con ramon diaz quien nos trae toda la accion del mundo de los deportes blanca ---adelante ramon. take pkg cesar ---ultima pausa pero a continuacion... take vo ---un grupo de personas se visten de pandas para ayudar a los animales.. segment ends blanca ---veamos las imagenes del dia.. =====================video 1====================== ---impresionante como una camioneta atraviesa la pared de una licoreria en el area de sacramento. --video de seguridad capto las imagenes del impacto directo donde estaba la caja registradora prensando al encargado quien atendia a un cliente...detras del mostrador. --el conductor se echa de reversa y huye pero mas tarde fue arrestado bajo cargos de manejar intoxicado. --el encargado de la tienda fue llevado al hospital y se espera una pronta recuperacion. =====================video 2============
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm EDT
, under the name of irene dunne. at my age i have some from time to time started thinking about the end of things and it has occurred to me when my time does come i hope to go the way my dear old grand father did, quietly in his sleep, not screaming like the passengers in his car. [laughter] andrew made me laugh more than anybody i have ever met. we all loved andrew and andrew loved us. my wife, ali mills, was, loved so much by andrew and he said, i never dreamed that i would be in the same family with the mother from ""the wonder years"". he was so full of heart. the think i love most about andrew in terms his public persona how people on the left hated him until they met him and they started loving him. the "new yorker", sent a woman out to l.a. where we all live to do a piece on him. they did a long piece. she spent 10 days. brought the woman over to our house to meet us. i thought they would do a hatchet job. they did a love letter. she loved him. she couldn't say bad things about him. "new york times" wrote two major pieces about him in the last year of his life and they were both
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2